Provence in October – Hiking in the Verdon Gorge

Unfortunately France isn’t the best country for breakfasts. But fear not, I have a solution, the breakfast picnic! When the weather and countryside is this spectacular, who would want to sit in a cafe!

We picked up a coffee in the village and headed out to the spectacular Gorge du Verdon with our bags packed with fresh fruit, tupperware (classy), and cereal. With views this amazing – who needs a table and chairs!



We did a few walks around the area – none were hugely challenging, but you will need a torch for the tunnels and there are a few little scrambles and some very steep ledges.


Down in the ravine the sun beams  onto the river as it trickles past.

And then back up the hill again to take in the full view.


Vertiginous drops to emerald waters.


Up top, we could see eagles soaring and swooping in the air. I just found out that they mostly feed on snakes and vipers…..whaaaaat there were snakes in these hills???


Part of the walk takes you through pitch dark tunnels – so be sure to take an iPhone with torch or a torch.


Some of the tunnels have little openings and balconies that allow you to see down into the gorge. There is another part of the gorge called the Styx. I had read about it in the Wild Swimming France book but the weather was too cold for swimming and our hotel manager warned us off it – too dangerous apparently. Maybe some other time.



Selfie by the river..


and the action shot:




Edd pretending he is Bear Grylls – he always manages to make these stunts look far more daring than they actually are. I’m pretty sure that this was perfectly safe……


We had time for 2 walking routes, my favourite was the Couloir Samson. The maps are available at the tourist offices.

And now for a few pics of beautiful Moustiers:


It’s built into the hillside and has a gorgeous stream running through it.


For the last few days of our trip we travelled down to St. Remy. By that stage the weather had become even cooler during the day. But we still managed a trip to the beach for the least instagramy photo ever! Plastic bags of food and tupperware…food bloggers watch out 🙂




We also visited the seaside town of Cassis on a stormy day. I had planned on kayaking out to the Calanques but the weather prevented this.



And that is all from Provence! Au Revoir!


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