Getting Lost in Gradbach

Gradbach is a gorgeous area within the Peak District where we had the good fortune of getting completely lost.

On this walk we found the most amazing cave, gulley….thing. I’m not sure how to describe it. Best to check out the photos below.


It started out pretty well. We were tired from the hike the day but were delighted by the misty morning and more heather filled hills.


Before long though, we were well and truly lost. We had no idea which direction we should be going.


But after a few muddy wrong turns, we finally found a path.


The path lead up to the Roaches, these cool rock formations at the top of a hill.


On the way back down we got completely lost again and did 2 circles of the forest below before stumbling across the cave type thing.


It’s called Luds Cave and it was just spectacular – see the people at the bottom of the image to get an idea of scale.


At one point it got so muddy that I stepped in a puddle right up to my knee – I got such a fright as I couldn’t pull my leg back out. Luckly I had a strapping young man (my husband) to pull me back out!

More fun next week – this time an interior design post featuring Chatsworth House – the stupendously beautiful country house of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire – Downton Abbey eat your heart out!!



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