Scala Dei Turchi & Agrigento

Beautiful readers, I have the best kept secret for southern Sicily – want to see the most striking and beautiful sunset? Check out the Scala Di Turchi.

These white chalky cliffs gently slope up from the sandy beach to give you the most beautiful perch to watch the sunset.




I found this lovely blue dress through the Londoners website – it’s from asos and only cost £15 – loved it – but it shrunk in the wash – sad face!


We took our seats on the Scala Dei Turchi and waited for the show to begin.


Of course we should have realised that the chalk would come off on our clothes – oops!


We both had lovely white bums.



It was truly a magical moment. So I took a picture of our feet… you do.

I wanted to savour every second of it. So I took a million snaps.

Now that I have told you about the highlight, let me fill you in on where to stay. This boutique hotel/guesthouse was my favourite hotel of our holiday.

It’s down a little road and up a very steep track. Our poor fiat 500 nearly conked out on the way due to its heavy load.


This front path leads up to the relaxed reception. The ceramic cones on the shelf were everywhere in Sicily. Unfortunately our Ryanair check-in baggage limitations had already been stretched to the limit – otherwise I would have loved to buy one.


The whole place was rustic chic. The old bare stone walls were complemented by the most squishy and comfy sofas.


The dining rooms were beautiful and on one of the nights our fellow guests had a big family dinner in the courtyard, lit up by candles and fairy lights.


We were upgraded to a huge room on the top floor, but it only had a small window. I love natural light and would recommend that you reserve one of the sea facing bedrooms with a Juliet balcony.

There was also a gorgeous pool but we opted for the beach each day.

We also visited the Valle dei Templi near Agrigento one day. The heat was incredible but we powered through.


During these days we mostly ate, swordfish balls, sea-urchin pasta, arincini balls (at the beach), steak, breakfast cheesecake (Edd), cured meats, cheese and pastries. Yuuuummmm. Definitely recommend swordfish balls and sea-urchin pasta. Oh, and if you stay at the Masseria Agnello – don’t bother with dinner – just do the antipasti buffet- we had the most amazing spread of wine, prosecco, meat, cheese, savoury pastries and bread that you could imagine – it was DELICIOUS!!

I find it so hard to take photos of food- I usually forget or sometimes I’m just too embarrassed to get my camera out. Do you guys feel the same?

Next up: the hill town of Noto!




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