Castellammare Del Golfo and the Zingaro, Sicily

Wuhhooo!! We are in Sicily on our summer holidays and it is absolutely gorgeous!!!

For the best food, wine, towns, sea, weather (in summer), people, accommodation – you just can’t beat Italy and well, Sicily – you have topped the lot!


Check out our first stop – Castellammare del Golfo – a fishing town just north west of Palermo. So pretty! Sadly we didn’t have long here so our time was spent packing in as much as possible – starting with (obviously) the beach.

About 10 minutes from town is the Zingaro national park – full of walking paths and little pebbly coves. To beat the crowds and the heat we got up at the crack of dawn and hiked about an hour into the park, popping down to the sea every now and again to cool off.

We had the place to ourselves excepting the odd horse.


The Zingaro reserve runs between Castellammare Del Golfo and San Vito lo Capo in the north. There’s a small fee to enter and park officials will supply you with a little map. Zingaro-Walk-Sicily

This poor guy was up early too!Zingaro-Sicily-4

By 8am a few towels appeared on the beach – but by then we had absorbed the peacefulness of the place and were feeling awfully smug about getting up early :).


Next time I would definitely love to stay longer and hire a boat (from Castellammare) to see the full park from the coast and visit San Vito Lo Capo. Empty-Cove-Zingaro

We stayed at this B&B which although simple had THE most amazing breakfast buffet I have ever come across! I’m talking cannoli, arancini balls (ragu and cheese), breakfast cakes, delicious cappuccino, cheeses, cured meats, breakfast sandwiches –  the list goes on. Also our hosts were so welcoming, friendly and helpful which is my favourite thing when it comes to holiday accommodation.

On our last day we snook in a cheeky morning at a busier beach closer to Castellammare with easy access from the road.

Even though it was busier – I just love people watching and having little beach bars close by for food and drinks – the Italians certainly know how to holiday!



Next Stop – the stunning Scala die Turchi and the Valle dei Templi!


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