Fairy Pools of Skye

Hello again and welcome to the Fairy Pools of Skye.

These little emerald gems are hidden around the Black Cullin Hills on the Isle of Skye on the western flank of Scotland. If that doesn’t feel remote enough for you, then the journey gets more obscure. We drove down tiny one track lanes that seemed to go on forever as the rain pattered down on the car in varying weights and ferocities.

Eventually we came to Glenbrittle car park which signalled the starting point of our walk. After 20 or so minutes across barren bog and marshland we came to the first of the pools. Emerald green as promised and cascading little waterfalls. If only the weather was a little less threatening we would have jumped right in (well maybe :)).

Rocks Bracken Pool

How beautiful are these colours – even on a drab day Scotland appears bright and warm.

Track to the hill

Stream Emerald PinkI can see why they are named the fairy pools – they are enchanting!Pool Emerald HillMe fairy pool hill

Fairy Pool StreamFairy Pool Hill waterfall

Spray WaterfallBarren WalkEdd-Hills-Stream

I found out about these pools from a book called Wild Swimming. Unfortunately the weather in May wasn’t conducive to wild swimming but the walk and views were worth the visit.

Check out my next post – I will be glamping in this weather!


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